Sunday, November 07, 2004

Getting sidetracked

I've been pretty good this week about getting the writing done. I didn't always write all I wanted every day this past week, but I wrote every day, and reached my page goals most days. Thursday, I think it was, I got an e-mail from the editor that they were going to be working on cover art.

Of course, this being me, I was reading the e-mail faster than my brain could compute, and skipped over some of the pertinent information and began to panic that they were re-doing the cover to The Compass Rose. Then I read the e-mail more carefully--the way I should have done to begin with--and realized that no, this was for the cover for Book TWO of the One Rose trilogy. The book I'm still fighting to finish. Immediate reaction: ACK!!!

I'm only a little past the halfway point (I think). I have no idea whether any scenes will turn up in the end of the book that will make great cover scenes. (There is a pretty cool one in the middle, though.) So I put together descriptions of the settings where most of the book takes place (and will have to go back and beef up the descriptions, because I tend to skim over those, even though I have definite ideas about what things look like) and descriptions of the characters, and a couple of scenes and which characters are in what locations, and we'll see what happens.

I spent most of today (Saturday) doing this, so I can get back to the writing tomorrow. Only have two things I have to do next week--no, three. But I can get that done. I can make it.

Need to go buy new bulbs to put in my flower bed, too. The ones I had rotted before I could get them in the ground. (sigh)

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