Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday again

So this was a pretty good week, writing wise. I revised the chapter I'd already written. I re-wrote my synopsis and got it down to under 10 pages. Then I wrote twelve more pages for the week. I might, possibly, have Chapter Two written. We'll see, once I get it into the computer.

The roses for our back flower bed came in today. We have 8 red roses like the ones out front (see picture) and 8 yellow floribunda roses. I think the plan is to alternate them. (It's a BIG flower bed.) I think I might have to plant roses tonight--but usually, I don't have to dig the holes myself. I did finish planting the annuals I'd bought for the front beds...

But we're still waiting for the day to cool off. It got up to 97F today (about 36C)--May, even late May, is early for it to be this hot around here. Oh well. Maybe we'll get more rain in a week or so.

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