Monday, May 08, 2006

Beginnings and Endings

It's Monday again. Started the actual writing on Devil in Blue Jeans, after some procrastination. And I finished the totebag I've been trying to make for ages for my friend. I made her one back ten years ago, and she's just flat worn it out. So I tried to make her another one, and it didn't turn out right--too short to hold stuff. Anyway, I tried it again. The problem was the webbing/belting used for the straps--the short problem happens when I don't get enough webbing, so I bought lots and lots this time. The totebag is finished and perfect--denim lined with pale pink satin--yeah, have to take a picture of it and post.

So today's accomplishments: wrote 6-1/2 pages (I almost stopped at 5-1/2 pages, but decided if I wanted to write 6 pages a day, I ought to write 6 pages--and then kept going for a bit. ) And made one totebag.

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