Saturday, September 11, 2004


I was plugging right along, writing my stuff, and I got an e-mail that the galleys for Compass Rose were in the big brown van. And they need them back in NY by next Thursday. Don't they know I have a quilting class tomorrow (Saturday)?

I have never seen such a huge stack of paper in my life--well, except for the stack I mailed to them when I sent them the complete ms. It's huge. I had 150,000 words to play with, and darn if I didn't write 148,250 of the suckers... I'm getting close to half-way through...

It has also become obvious that I have lost my mind. Not only to I have galleys to finish, and a book to write by deadline (which isn't even 1/3 of the way through yet, if this one turns out as long as his brother), but I am staying up late (NO, not to write this) to start yet another story. One I probably can't sell till I finish the last Rose book. But it won't leave me alone, so I may as well get down what I can. It'll mean less to do once I actually can write it. (sigh) And there are all those single title romantic comedies I want to write too... Better get busy.

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