Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Holiday Fireworks

Yesterday was the Fourth of July--America's Independence Day. I had a holiday, and I was extremely lazy.

Well, I felt lazy, anyway. The fella went downtown to ride in the parade--too hot for me--and I put some pork on to barbecue, and mixed up the potato salad we'd boiled potatoes and eggs for the previous night. I did some other stuff too, but can't remember what it is now, because by the time the fella got back from the parade, I was goofing off. And I did that most of the day. I'm very good at goofing off.

The boy and a couple of his friends came down about 2 p.m. and we all had lunch, then they went out to the beach--taking the doggies. (The friends brought a friend for Dolly the princess pitbull to play with.) They all exhausted themselves--humans and doggies alike. Somewhere in there, I took a break from goofing off to take a nap.

Then we had supper (the barbecued pork and potato salad), and went down to the seawall for the fireworks. You can see the edge of the boy, and the jetty from which the fireworks were shot off beyond him, out in the Gulf. There were a lot more people on the beach by the time the fireworks started. Also, it was dark. You could see the lights from all the boats out on the horizon, waiting to head into port, not to mention the sport fishing boats that had come way inshore to watch the show. But I didn't take any pictures after dark. Because it was dark!

It was a good show. Not as fabulous as the one for the Hotel Galvez's 100th birthday, but a good show. I was just glad they actually had a fireworks show. All home fireworks got banned, because of our extreme drought. However, I figured they wouldn't stop Galveston's fireworks, because they set them off over water. It's the cotton-pickin' Gulf of Mexico. Then there's sand, then the concrete of the seawall and street. A long way before any sparks reach anything that might burn.

There were more people at this year's fireworks show than in all the previous years since Hurricane Ike. It was a really big crowd. And the kids saw "The Little Couple." The one from the TLC TV show, who apparently live in Houston, and came down to Galveston for the  fireworks. Or maybe for the whole weekend. :) I didn't see them, so you won't see me on TV, but hey--I was there!

And today is DAY 15. (Yesterday was Day 14. I wrote double on Sunday, remember?) I didn't want to watch whatever it is the fella has on television, so I came back and downloaded pictures from my camera, and I wrote. I had to stop, though, because I need to figure out the rules for my society. There is magic--but does everybody know about it? Do they all believe in it? I think it's fading, but just how open is it? Yeah, I know. I should have decided this stuff earlier. But I didn't, so...

I am still reading THE NATIVE STAR by M.K. Hobson. I also went to the library this afternoon (took all the books back on Sunday) because hey, it's only about 3 blocks from the post office, and I had to go get the mail. So I also started DREAMS OF A DARK PRINCE, or DARK DREAMS OF A PRINCE, or ... what is the name of that Kresley Cole book? DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR! Yeah. I started it and I'm still reading the other book. I got two books off the "new" shelves, so I'll need to read them next. But maybe I can finish the Hobson book first.

Five more days at the newspaper. I need to write an item for the newspaper's newsletter... Hmm.

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