Friday, January 14, 2011

Lazy week

It has been a lazy week. I am ashamed for being so lazy--and yet...

It felt so good! I sat goofing off with the laptop in the living room where I could at least be in the same room with the family, if not actually speaking to them. (I did not actually use my feet on the laptop...) I think sometimes it's fill-the-well refreshing to just be a lazy lump. And sometimes, it's just being lazy. The trick is figuring our which state you're in when.

I did have appointments three afternoons after the dayjob this week--two doctor and one to get my hair shortened. (I look lovely now, have no new skin cancers and will see what's wrong with the sore toe when the x-rays are examined.) That took up much of the after work time this week.

Next week, I am doing a workshop on writing action, so need to pull it out and spruce it up.

Oh-- We have an official due date for the new grandbaby. She (or maybe he) will arrive via C-section, because big brother did, on Feb. 16. I need to make my plane reservations so I can go up and help. Mostly chauffeuring big brother around, I think.

So I guess I'd better get all my work done between now and then, huh? Yeah, I'm just being lazy.

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