Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dancing in the streets!

Okay, actually, there's no dancing. Just lying around and reading books and playing videogames. I took a whole day to do absolutely nothing but what I wanted to do. Why, you ask?

Because I FINISHED THE BOOK! (Snoopy dance) Finished it. Cut out all the boring stuff (I hope) and cleaned it up, and sent it off to the agent and editor. It came in at 576 manuscript pages. One page more than New Blood. Just over 135,000 words. New Blood has just under 134,000 words.

Today I played. Even went out and walked along the seawall--but didn't go down on the beach, because they've piled the sand up 4 feet high (or so) and it requires climbing down a cliff to get to the hard-packed sand, and I didn't want to do that. Maybe if it's warm enough for my flip-flops tomorrow... The seagulls have their black heads back, so it's already courting season for them, or will be soon.

And tomorrow, I have to start the next book. Oak and Iron? Maybe I can do a hyphenated adjective to go with the noun of the title... Need something to go with both elements and with plants. Hmm. I also have to figure out the magic processes a little better. Wish me luck.


AG said...

flip flops!!!

how bout I send you our inches of layered snow & ice? Have you ever brushed 2 inches of snow off your car only to find another 1/4 inch of ice under that?

Gail Dayton said...

Yes, I have. We lived in Clarendon. It ices and snows in Clarendon. And I grew up in Idaho, remember... it got REALLY cold there.

Which is why I'm REALLY enjoying the flip-flop weather. :)

Gail Dayton said...

And what? No congratulations on finishing the book? What kind of daughter are you?

How's the wrecked bod? How's your fella's deadline?