Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Been working the dayjob a little extra because of some trips I've been making, so it's made it tough to get by here and post a blog. And it's been tough to get the writing done. I am just CREEPING along. Bleah.

Went to Waco this past weekend for a writing retreat. Critiqued some stories and got a crit. Did some fun writing exercises which might turn into stories later. Others helped me get a handle on characters. It was peaceful--except when the trail riders were giving out awards just outside our cabin-shack where we stayed.

Don't have much to share, actually. I'm kinda brain dead. So I'll just let you know I'm still alive. Still plodding through the book. Been out of town, fixing to go again. And working a lot. So. That's my life.

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