Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Writing Progresses

Not as much as I'd like for it to, but it progresses.

I wrote 9 pages yesterday, and 8 pages today. I'm going to try to get more written later in the day, but I do have a lot of other stuff to do.

I had to make notes today not to forget Crow's presence. I don't know why this crow is important, but I'm bound to figure it out sooner or later.

I also need to find out:

When did "bleeding" stop being an acceptable medical treatment?


When was Europe generally wired for telegraph? I know they had it in 1863 or 4, but how far did it penetrate into various areas?

Yeah, I know I'm cheating by posting my questions here, because I know one of you lovely people will find the answer for me. This way I can spend more time writing the story, right?

(Watching the Methodist preacher shovel out his driveway across the street, and spread salt...)

We may all be in Paris soon--but I think the Paris action will move to London in sections... We shall see...

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