Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I want to finish the last run-through edit of The Eternal Rose this week. I'm 7 chapters in, and unfortunately stayed up WAY too late last night reading the newest Wen Spencer "Tinker" book. I think I liked this one better than the last. Spencer can come up with some really complicated plots!

Anyway, life is putting right along. I didn't do nearly as much last week as I intended, and this week doesn't seem to be shaping up to be a whole lot better. Reading does that to me. I read, and don't do much else.

I did get Devil in Blue Jeans off in the mail. Now I'm working on research for Shadows of Burning which is the tentative title for the WWII historical I want to write. While also editing the last Rose book. And planting stuff that came in the mail. And... well, doing lots of stuff. This is a terrible blog post, but that late night thing--it definitely interferes with brain function. So I'm going to stop now, and go work on other stuff like putting my edits in the computer. Then I think I'll take a nap.


CE Murphy said...

*laugh* It's the sort of random unfocused blog post I do all the time. It's just like life! :)


Gail Dayton said...

LOL--yeah, life has no organization. Especially mine. :)