Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Those dratted revisions

It's Wednesday, and I finally got all the way through the enormous book. I need to take quite a bit more out of it, but I have read all of it and (hopefully) put most of the edits in. And it's still too long. I need to cut yet one more major scene out of it and fiddle with bits and pieces here and there.

I was so determined to get all the way through to the last page, that when I finally turned it and looked at my watch, I'd missed the first half-hour of the Friends of the Library meeting. I'd have blown it off, but I told them to order me a sandwich, so I jumped up and went--just in time to get myself on a committee. (But it was a great lunch! Croissant sandwiches...) Organizing a photo contest for kids will be fun, though, I think.

But the edits are moving along. I'm not sure I'm successfully beating them into submission, but they are moving... Oh, and I'm trying to update the website too. And hold a contest for my newsletter. (Visit the website to learn about it.) And way too many things to hold in my head all at once.


CE Murphy said...

*hugs your poor head* I hate the part of revising where there's too much to hold in my head all at once. You'll get through it!


MickeyKY said...

Hugs on the edits and revisions! But I have to say, hurry, hurry, please!!! I can not wait to read this book.

I judged a children's photography contest once. I tell ya, I would not trade that for the world. It was a sure way to see the world through a child's eye's.