Sunday, February 20, 2005

The State of Being a Bum

I am wallowing in bumness. The writing--when I do it--is going well. Problem is, I'm not writing like I should be. Hoped to get a proposal done this month. Ha!

I know I usually take quite a bit of time off after I finish a book, but I had hoped to manage to take a bit less this time. And I have started the new book. The time off has been sporadic and sprinkled into the midst of the attempting to write, and filled with vital and utterly boring things like taking the computer to the shop after a power outage killed it. And playing online games. And reading books. (I'm almost caught up on all the Luna releases so far...still have 2 to go, I think.) And making chicken 'n' dumplings for a bake sale. And stuff.

Tomorrow, I have to get serious. Wish me luck.

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