Thursday, October 07, 2004

Off to the Waco Workshop

Today, I typed in more of the story into the computer. I'm up to p. 160 and still have lots to go--and I'm not sure I'm halfway in the story yet...I mean, even with the stuff I haven't typed in. And in the afternoon/evening, I wrote up this characterization workshop I'm doing in Waco on Saturday--which meant I had to figure out just how I do my character creation. Frankly, I don't really have a clue--but I do have a process. And I don't create characters. I get to know them. They somehow already exist. They live in the primordial stew that's called my subconscious.

And then, once I figured that out, I had to do all the handouts and visual aids for the workshop. Hope they appreciate them.

Hope it works.

Oh, and then I had to dig out some childhood/baby pictures for the boy for his last senior year pep rally. I couldn't find his toddler pictures--when he had a thing for wearing sun visors upside down and backward, or deely-bobber antennae. I tried to scan one from a photo montage thing we have on the wall in a frame--didn't work too well. But we did find some cute pictures. Had to do it tonight, because they're due in the morning.

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